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Koralli Hygiene Module

Everything you need for hand hygiene in one ready-to-install unit. The Koralli Hygiene Module is a novel modular handwashing station.

Koralli Hygiene Module

The Koralli Hygiene Module provides everything you need for hand hygiene in one ready-to-install unit. The Hygiene Module is a novel modular handwashing station. All the necessary elements in one unit: basin, mirror, soap, disinfectant and lights.

Installation and maintenance of this uniform unit can be carried out with ease. Designed for functionality, this clean-cut unit boasts a modern, practical design and is available in a wide range of colours. Each Hygiene Module is equipped to suit the customer’s requirements.

Health care sector professionals – make your everyday life easier with the Hygiene Module

The Hygiene Module is finished to exacting standards and is easy to clean. Its equipment, materials and structure are designed to meet even the most demanding hygiene requirements. Several equipment options are available, allowing for fully hands-free usage if required. This hygienic sink boasts an enclosed and seamless structure.

Designers – work more efficiently with all the features you need in one unit

The Hygiene Module makes design work quicker and easier. Where previously each element of a hand washing area had to be allocated its individual own space, all the Hygiene Module requires at its installation site are HVAC and electrical connections. There are a range of options for installation type, colour and equipment for each Hygiene Module.

Builders – cost efficiency begins with installation

The quick and easy installation of the Hygiene Module can yield significant cost savings in the construction stage and in any alteration works. The single unit is easy to install into a prepared space. Small shifts and fine tuning can be carried out at the installation site. The Hygiene Module can be connected to HVAC and electrical connections with no need for expensive, time-consuming additional work such as carving out grooves for cables or pipes, piping work, plastering or waterproofing.

Additional info

EquipmentLiquid soap, hand sanitiser and paper towels are located in a lockable mirrored cabinet.
Tap/mixer tapThe module comes with a hands-free automatic mixer tap, and any other mixer tap can be supplied on request.
CorianCorian is a composite material combining the strength of natural minerals with the density and resilience of acrylic. This material allows us to create seamless surfaces, promoting hygiene.
Upper installation spaceElectrical and water connections are easy to connect. The panel covering the pipework can be adjusted to suit the height of the room. An openable installation space allows for easier maintenance.
LightingEnergy-saving LED lighting that turns on and off automatically using motion sensors.
Lower installation space and service hatchThe water lock in the lower installation space is enclosed and integrated into the structure of the module. All mechanical parts are easily accessible for cleaning the water lock and other maintenance purposes.

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