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Koralli – modular lockable medicine cabinets

We produce high-quality lockable medicine cabinets for the storage and processing of medicines in care and treatment facilities.

Module 5 A medicine cabinet

All solutions for the processing of medicines in one product.

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Module 3 A medicine cabinet

All solutions for the handling of medicines in one product.

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Lockable medicine cabinet for hospitals

Koralli-Tuote produces high-quality lockable medicine cabinets for the storage and processing of medicines in hospitals, and care and treatment facilities.

Our modular medicine cabinets meet all the requirements for the storage and processing of medicines in one complete product. Working with these products is practical, pleasant and safe. There are two different lockable medicine cabinet models available: the Module 3 A medicine cabinet and the Module 5 A medicine cabinet.

Medicine cabinets form a standard part of hospital equipment, however, particularly stringent requirements are placed on them in terms of security and the smooth flow of work. Our modular medicine cabinets allow users to work smoothly and ergonomically, as the entire working space can be utilised and functions as a whole.

Koralli-Tuote’s medicine cabinets also fulfil the strict requirements in place regarding the safety of medicines, they are both durable and stylish looking, they can be tailored to suit the measurements of the space in question, their internal modules can be designed to meet the customer’s requirements, and they can easily be changed as needs evolve. This ensures that our medicine cabinets are long-lasting and a particularly cost-effective solution.

We believe in the quality of our work and products


Our project-based method takes into account the specific requirements of each site and every customer. Smooth coordination between the design and realisation stages is vital in ensuring a successful end result.


We believe in quality and have a strong desire to develop our products and expertise. We are continuously investing in product development and our own expertise, in order to maintain our reputation as a reliable supplier, technical expert and trustworthy partner.


We specialise in comprehensive furnishing solutions. Our expertise and assistance can be relied upon by architects in the technical realisation of their designs, construction companies in contract calculations and delivery times, and end users in ensuring that their space works as it should.


Our fundamental values are integrity, openness and equality, both within the company and in cooperation with our customers and partners. Our key objective is to always make sure projects are completed as agreed, with no cutting corners during the process or compromising on the end result; instead, we aim to work with joy and enthusiasm befitting of a family-run company.

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